Race of Super Powers!

Article By: Obaid Safdar Khan

Global powers are netting against each other to rule the world . From approx 60 to 70 years USA is the only super power in the world without any doubt. All other powers are after USA. But things were starting to change after 7/11. When USA initiated global war against terrorism .That was the time when global powers secretly started netting against each other. On global platform they were united but secretly they were puling each other legs . Russia and China both were uncomfortable with US presence in Asia.

Russia was wounded by USA in afghan war and China was aimed to become the world economic super power . Both countries can not achieved there goals till US becomes unsuccessful in Asia . They implemented their plan secretly and they made USA helpless in Asia with there secret tactics . That was the reason behind US exit from Asia.On grounds they were helpless and circumstances restricted them to there military camps.

Diplomatic relations between Russia and China are improving day by day .They are supporting each other in trade, defense technology etc .They are building strong relations in trade that’s why both countries are giving full access to each other to their local markets without any restrictions . Both countries are planing to conquer global markets to become top global powers.

US supremacy is at stake if this plan become successful . US policies after 7/11 were the base of there negative image across the globe . Know US has to revisit there policies if US want to remain as no 1 in the world because this global plan is basically against US.


UK’s MI Chief Interview!

By Obaid Khan 02:31 AM 23rd July 2022

UK MI Chief TV Interview

In the latest TV interview UK’s MI chief Richard Moore shows concerns about Russia-China No-Limits Relations In his interviews he stated that UK is closely analyzing the Russia-China no limits Relations.Further in his interview he clearly stated that China is UK’s top priority.

Further in his interview. he talk about Russia-Ukraine war according to his opinion Russian Invasion in Ukraine is completely failed and he believes that west is completely safe.

New Sri Lankan President!

By Obaid Khan 08:53 AM PST JULY 21 2022

Sri Lankan Parliament elected Ranil Wickremesinghe as president!
6 Times Prime minister secured 132 votes out of 225!
After economic collapse it was a decisive election!
Sri Lankan parliament elected Ranil Wickremesinghe as new president with 132 votes.political experts predicting more anarchy in the country after Ranil Wickremesinghe elected as a president .Sri Lankan nation is facing a economic collapse and majority of Sri Lankans are on streets protesting against their political elite.
This decision by the lawmaker’s in favor of Ranil Wickremesinghe can push country into big turmoil.because majority of protestors believes that Ranil Wickremesinghe is also responsible for the economic collapse.
on other side supporters of Ranil Wickremesinghe believes that Wickremesinghe is a experienced leader and he can work better for the economic revival of the country.

Warning To EU!

By Obaid Khan

07:07 PST

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Russian President Putin warns EU countries on Gas supply. Putin was talking to reporter’s in Tehran.In his statement he said because of EU’s own mistake we can reduce gas supply to EU countries.

Further He stated that there are some technical needs of Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.without resolving the issue Russia could not supply gas to EU countries in full capacity because of our domestic requirements.

In winter EU countries can face big problem if this conflict continues Russia will reduce its gas supply from 60% to 30 %.

Israel Has No Right – Dr Hassan Khalidi

By Obaid Khan

08:37 PST – JULY 19 2022

Israel grants 7.5 Acre Land to US government to construct a new US Embassy building in Jerusalem. But a well known Pathologist from Houston. Dr Hassan khalidi Claims that this land belongs to his and many other Palestinian families.

Dr Hassan said that Israeli government has no right to grant that 7.5 acre land to us government. While US state department did not issue any clear statement on this issue

UK Heat Wave May Increase!

By Obaid khan

19th july 2022

6:22 AM PST

UK is facing Record heat Wave
Heat may increase above the 40 centigrade
According to media reports, Railways tracks and Airports Runways ,Agriculture farmlands are affected because of record heat wave. UK met office issues red warning.UK’s heat wave is just the beginning according to media reports.